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For cutting and grinding variety of materials, including metal, stone, and concrete, resin cutting discs are crucial tool. These discs are created with high-quality components and are intended to deliver consistent, smooth, and exact cut.


Resin cutting discs are superior to conventional cutting and grinding tools in a number of ways. The adaptability of resin cutting discs is one of its key advantages. Metal, stone, and concrete are just a few of the materials that they may be used to cut and grind. Because of their adaptability, they are a necessary tool for experts in a variety of fields, including building, metallurgy, and automobile repair.

Straight, fast, clean cuts that are shatter and fragment proof. Aluminum gutters may be cut with ease.
• Trim screws and bolts.
• Create slots in stripped or corroded nuts and screws so that they may be removed with a screwdriver.
• Will slice through rebar, metal shafts, and cases made of hard steel like butter.
• Use these abrasive cut-off wheels to quickly and cleanly cut through a number of stainless steel studs as well as ferrous sheet metals, including iron.


Our advantage

1. Has more than 20 years of experience making abrasives discs;

2. Excellent cutting edge sharpness;

3. Long-term toughness.

4.High stability and low vibration for pleasant cutting or grinding.

5. Fiber netting with reinforcement for strength and security.

6. High tensile and bending strength; made of corundum and a unique resin.

The following materials can be used to make cutting discs: silicon carbide, corundum, aluminum oxide, mostly for use on metal, stainless steel, stone, and so on.

Applications include cutting plain carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy steel tube, bars, and other metal products.

The longevity of resin cutting discs is another advantage. These discs are perfect for demanding applications since they are made to endure high temperatures and continuous use. They survive longer than conventional cutting and grinding tools because they are also resistant to chemicals and rust.

Because of the disc’s shape and strong abrasive grains, resin cutting discs also provide a clean, accurate cut. A high-quality finish is produced as a result of the accuracy, which prevents damage or distortion to the material being cut or ground.

Resin cutting discs are used for a variety of tasks, including the grinding and cutting of stone, concrete, and metal. They are frequently used in metalworking to cut and shape metal pieces as well as in construction to shape and cut concrete. For cutting and grinding metal parts as well as removing corrosion and paint, resin cutting discs are also utilized in car repairs.

Resin cutting discs are a crucial piece of equipment for experts across several sectors. In comparison to other cutting and grinding tools, they have a number of advantages, including adaptability, toughness, and accuracy. Resin cutting discs are made to consistently deliver a clean and precise cut, making them the perfect choice for demanding applications. Resin cutting discs are an essential equipment for every professional, whether you work in construction, metallurgy, or automobile repair.

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