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Granite Grinding Wheel

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A high-quality abrasive instrument called a granite grinding wheel is used to polish granite, marble, and other natural stones. This item’s high construction and distinctive design guarantee great functionality and long-lasting use.

Diamond grinding wheels that are more concentrated and of higher quality than typical market wheels. With these wheels, stock is quickly removed while grinding aggressively.This tough diamond cup wheel is designed to grind hard granite, hard brick, and hard concrete. To help you complete project after project, this cup wheel is compatible with the majority of angle grinders. Traditional abrasives are outlasted by diamond grit.


Faster coating removal: Thicker coatings may be removed more quickly with bigger abrasive diamonds.
Designed to last a lifetime, the ultimate lifetime-steel body effectively removes dust and helps to avoid blocked abrasive surfaces.
Patented cooling pins with advanced cooling technology help to avoid overheating-related damage to the cup wheel segments.
Durable contact welding is used to assemble these cup wheels’ highest-grade components, making them robust.
Reduced vibration – each cup wheel is examined and balanced individually before leaving the plan.

Granite and other natural stones may be ground and polished with the granite grinding wheel. It is an abrasive instrument that grinds and polishes the stone’s surface using diamond particles. The wheel may be used for both wet and dry grinding and is intended to be used with a high-speed angle grinder. Different sizes and grades of the granite grinding wheel are offered to accommodate various applications.

Compared to conventional grinding tools, the granite grinding wheel has a number of benefits. First of all, it is constructed from premium materials that guarantee exceptional functionality and longevity. The wheel’s equal distribution of diamond particles ensures uniform grinding and polishing results. Second, the special construction of the wheel makes effective and quick grinding possible, requiring less time and effort to reach the desired finish. Thirdly, the Granite Grinding Wheel is adaptable, working well for both dry and wet grinding, making it appropriate for a variety of applications.

The Granite Grinding Wheel is perfect for a number of uses, such as:
1. Preparing granite and other natural stones for floors, walls, and worktops by grinding and polishing them.
2. Fixing blemishes like stains, scratches, and other flaws on surfaces made of real stone.
3. Shaping and profiling the corners and edges of natural stone.
4. Concrete and other hard surfaces are ground and polished.
5. Removing epoxy and other coatings from surfaces made of concrete and stone.
6. Terrazzo and other composite materials are ground and polished.

Quality control
1. Deshunli has cutting-edge computer-driven production lines.
2. Complete line of pure water processors with RO anti-saturation and cutting-edge testing equipment
3. Produced in a Cleanroom of Class 100,000

This multi-bore bench grinding wheel is sturdy and dependable, providing a fine grain surface finish where you need it most while sharpening a range of cutting instruments.

Most machines can fit a multi-bore.
sharpening with fine grains
satisfactory finish

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