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Presenting the ground-breaking Fiber Discs, a complete industrial abrasive solution with unmatched performance and adaptability. Professional welders, metal finishers, and fabricators who need the greatest level of quality and performance from their abrasives will find our Fiber Discs to be ideal for their needs.

A better cut rate and grain retention under high contact pressure are made possible by Fiber Discs’ cutting-edge coated abrasive technology, which also extends their lifespan and reduces production downtime. They are the best option for hard grinding, mixing, and finishing operations because of the special fiber backing that offers greater support and minimizes overheating.

Fiber Discs are able to handle high pressure and decrease heat buildup because of their high-performance resin bond system, which also gives them a longer lifespan and less discoloration that might harm a workpiece. Additionally, the larger surface area of our Fiber Discs is intended to promote more consistent abrasive wear, lowering the possibility of clogging on the abrasive surface.

Additionally, Fiber Discs provide a consistent finish that helps lessen the amount of rework required and guarantee reproducible outcomes. They are appropriate for a variety of tasks, such as the grinding and finishing of different metals, welds, and composites.

Fiber Discs are designed with an easy-to-use quick-change mechanism that enables speedy disc replacements, enhancing operator productivity and decreasing production downtime. To get the required finish, users may easily switch between various grits and abrasive kinds with this tool.

To meet the needs of various applications, Fiber Discs are also offered in a variety of sizes and grits. These discs, which range in grit from 36 to 220, are capable of handling a variety of tasks, from the most demanding to the most delicate.

Why should you trust our company?

Our values are: Sincerity, competence, diligence, and persistence
As a sincere team, our business anticipates a fruitful, protracted relationship with each of its clients.
Because we are aware of what matters most to you, we concentrate on quality and pricing.
You will have faith in us because of our commitment to quality and service since we think of them as our life.
Due to our extensive manufacturing relationships in China, we can offer you low costs.

How do we reach and accomplish your order?

1. Your general or detailed enquiry, including as much detail as possible on the number, size, and type of work required.
2. Professional quote from us in three business days. In case of urgency, kindly inform us.
3. If samples are required, we organize them in accordance with your specifications and our sampling policy.
4.You confirm the order with the details and the agreed-upon costs, terms of payment, and delivery schedule.
5. You get our proforma invoice(s) along with our bank details, and you continue with payment as soon as possible.
6. As soon as we have your payment advice, we will set up the manufacturing stages.

7. You will receive a mid-production report with images and a reconfirmed completion date.
8. You will receive a final manufacturing and inspection report with images and an anticipated shipping date.
9. As soon as you obtain our report, the balance payment should be completed if the products will be shipped by air or courier.
10. As soon as you get our copy of the B/L or the documentation required by the L/C, the remaining money is due.
11. As soon as we receive your balance payment, we will send you all necessary documentation.
12.After obtaining our items, we would welcome feedback on the quality of our products, the sales clerks’ customer service, and any other suggestions. Please include a copy for the corporate email.

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