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aluminum oxide resin fiber discs

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Resin fiber discs are the product you should take into consideration if you’re seeking for an efficient abrasive tool to employ in your grinding and sanding applications. This product is an excellent choice for a variety of sectors, including automotive, woodworking, aerospace, metalworking, and more since it has a wide range of features and benefits to offer.

Abrasive discs of the resin fiber kind are often employed in various sanding and grinding processes. It is constructed from a premium combination of materials that deliver outstanding performance, toughness, and efficiency. It may be used to a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood. Resin fiber discs are also offered in a variety of sizes, grits, and kinds, making them appropriate for a range of applications.

Product attributes
• Advanced grain formulas: We only use the highest-quality grains and mixes that are intended to cut metals at the fastest possible pace.
• Sturdy backings: The heavy-duty vulcanized fiber backing on these discs is designed for the heaviest workloads.
• Outstanding engineering: We reduce loads, glazing, and grain stripping in our design.
• Mounting choices: Upgrade to a quick-change hub to get rid of adapter ring interference and cut downtime.
• Cooling operation: To lower operating temperatures, the spiral-molded backing-pad design encourages more airflow.
Wood, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and fiberglass are a few examples of uses.

The greater the grit number, the finer the sanding; this sanding disc is perfect for both wet and dry sanding. It is constructed with premium silicon carbide and water-resistant sand paper. Both wet and dry sanding may be done using the abrasive sheets. Coated makes sure that the grit is dispersed evenly. preventing clogging, being anti-static, flexible, resistant to wear, having a long service life, and having superior surface treatment.

If you buy more than 2000 units, we may print your brand on them.

Fibre Sanding Discs for Grinding, Smoothing, and Polishing are a type of abrasive pad that is inserted in an electric or pneumatic angle grinder and has a modified phenolic resin bonding.

Long lifespan, high cutting rate, and good safety performance


Are you a manufacturer or a trade firm, first?
A1: We have been a cutting and grinding wheel producer for over 20 years, and we are based in Quanzhou, Xiamen.

What are you using cutting and grinding discs for?
A2: Used for metal, stone, cast iron, stainless steel, and other materials.

What package do you use, third? take OEM orders?
A3: We typically pack using shrink wrap with a neutral inner box and a conventional export carton, but we also take OEM orders and may label and package according to client specifications.

Can you give out samples for free? Are samples available to assess the quality?
A4: Yes, free samples are available, and they can be made for quality checks.However, you are responsible for covering the cost of shipping.

5. How would you guarantee the standard?
A5:Only items of a high caliber and steady batch can guarantee the security and consistency of the consumer.To guarantee this, all of our items will pass inspection, semi-product testing, and final product testing before to delivery.Quality only passes after three tests.

Q6: How long does it take to deliver?
A6: About 20 to 30 days after the order is verified.

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