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Frequently Asked Questions

Stone abrasives and grinding tools are used for shaping, polishing, and finishing stone surfaces such as marble, granite, and concrete.

There are many types of stone grinding tools and abrasives, such as diamond grinding tools, resin bond grinding tools, and metal bond grinding tools. Abrasive tools include cup wheels, lapping disks, and polishing pads.

Consider the type of stone you are working with, the finish or finish you want and the amount of material you need to remove. Choose a tool that is compatible with your equipment and the materials you will be using.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. Use proper personal protective equipment and ensure tools are properly mounted and secured prior to use. Apply consistent pressure and avoid overheating the surface of the stone.

Regularly clean and maintain your tools to prevent clogging and buildup. Use the right tools for the job and avoid excessive stress or speed. Store your tools in a dry, cool location to prevent damage.

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as goggles, gloves, and respirators. Follow safety guidelines and exercise caution when operating equipment. Keep bystanders and pets out of the work area.

1. For sample orders, we usually use express: DHL/UPS/FedEx/Aramex/EMS.....
2. For large orders, we will choose a cost-effective shipping method based on the total weight.
3. Our packing is a white box with nothing on it. If you have any requests for a logo or package, please feel free to contact me.